Original Deluxe Spirograph Art Set

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The classic way to create countless amazing designs, the Original Deluxe Spirograph Art Set continues to inspire and delight aspiring artists of all ages. Featuring a high quality, durable carrying case with snap-in storage and a built-in drawing surface, this set includes special Spirograph Putty to hold pieces securely on the paper and 19 precision engineered Spirograph gears to create a countless number of beautifully intricate designs. Use the included design guide to try out tried-and-true designs, or get creative and create cool and colorful graphics of your own...the only limit is your imagination!

A great gift for ages 8 and up.

Kit includes:
• Tray with built-in storage
• 19 gears
• 2 rings
• 1 rack
• 3-Ounce of Spiro-Putty
• 3 retractable ball point pens
• 14 page guide book
• 20 sheets of design paper