5-Blade Meat Chopper

Retail Price: $12.99
You Save: $1.39 (11%)

Prepping ground meat for the grill, pan, or oven has never been easier, thanks to this 5-Blade Meat Chopper! Featuring a beveled and curved five-blade pinwheel design, this multi-use chopper quickly breaks up ground beef, ground turkey, and other meats, and is also ideal for mixing and mashing gelatins, fruits, vegetables, and moreā€”all without damaging your non-stick pans, countertops, and other surfaces. A sturdy and well-weighted design and non-slip grip fits perfectly in your hand, helping relieve fatigue when using for longer periods. Made of food-grade nylon, the 5-Blade Meat Chopper is non-stick, odorless, and BPA free and will not deform even at high temperatures (up to 430 F). Dishwasher safe.

Makes a great gift or stocking stuffer for any home chef.