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White Kaiman 2-in-1 Lantern Bug Zapper (green)

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Ditch the smelly and toxic chemicals and bug sprays and prevent insects from spoiling your nighttime gatherings with the rechargeable White Kaiman 2 in 1 Lantern Bug Zapper. This water/weather-proof ultraviolet LED pest solution attracts mosquitos, gnats, fruit flies, house flies, and other flying insects, luring them into an electrified grid, where they are quickly exterminated. A 1000 volt grid maintains bug zapping power for a full 18 hours, keeping your campsite, yard, patio, picnic site, or garage bug-free while bathing up to 45 square meters in 180-lumens of flicker-free LED light. Once charged, the built-in LED lantern gives you up to 20 hrs of run time on a single charge. Includes a retractable hanging loop and hook, as well as a 3-foot standard micro-usb charging cord and brush for cleaning the zapper after heavy use.

Ultra Portable, 0.4lbs.
HI-powered LED light: 20-hours on single charge
Mosquito killing light; 10 hours
Both lights: 8 hours
Bug-free area: up to 20ft x 20ft
Touch Control Buttons
1000 Volt Electric Grid
Safe indoors and out