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HeimVision Sunrise Alarm Clock

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Waking up can be hard to do. Rise and shine gently and begin your day right with the HeimVision Sunrise Alarm Clock. Designed specifically for a more natural and effective way to wake you, the alarm clock mimics the natural sunrise, starting with a soothing red-tinted light that gradually grows into bright yellow light. The result is a less groggy feeling as you begin your day!

The HeimVision clock is compatible with Alexa Echo devices for voice control and features a dual alarm, four separate wake-up times, eight types of alarm sounds, and a 15-minute snooze option to suit a variety of tastes. The built-in backup battery with memory function ensures you'll be on time even if the power goes out. A built-in USB plug also lets you charge your phone while you sleep, while the adjustable brightness settings let you use your clock as a bedside lamp or nightlight.


Alexa Echo Compatibility
Just give a simple voice command to control the Alarm clock after Alexa's awareness; compatible with 2.4G Hz WI-FI network only.

Sunrise & Sunset Simulation
Sunrise simulation gradually increases light before your preset wake up time until your room is filled with bright yellow light. Sunset simulation gradually decreases light and sound to help relax you into sleep.

Natural Sounds and FM Radio
Unique alarm clock sounds to choose—Birdsong, Hawaii Wave, Streams, Beep, Win dells, Chord, Ringtone and Piano—in addition to an FM Radio function.

Considerate Snooze Function
Enjoy an extra 15 minutes to prepare yourself for the day ahead; just gently press the top big “Snooze” button to enjoy a comfortable and prolonged wake-up.