Etekcity Purifying Water Filter Straw

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Whether you like to camp, hike, hunt, backpack, or just spend time in nature, the small, lightweight Etekcity Purifying Water Filter Straw ensures you'll always have a clean water source. Ideal for hydrating outdoors, this purifier lets you safely drink up to 1,500 liters (400ML/min) of water from nearly any lake, river, spring, well, or even rainwater. You can even hook the water filter straw to the included pouch and fill for later use. The Etekcity straw comes with all needed accessories and filters 99.9999% of heavy metal ions, chlorine, VOC, organic, and insect contaminants from water; activated carbon eliminate odors. Meets EPA Water Quality Standards for quality and safety, and makes a perfect addition to first aid and emergency kits.

In the box:

* Personal Water Purifier
* Foldable Water Bag with D type hook
* 70cm Extension Tube
* Pre-filtration devise (with 1 PP Cotton Pad)
* 4 PP Cotton Pads
* Syringe Backwash Device
* User Manual