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AIDEA Microfiber Cleaning Cloths (8 pack)

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AIDEA Microfiber Cleaning Cloths are perfect for all sorts of cleaning applications. Polish hard surfaces, absorb liquid spills, and take care of just about any other clean-up job needing done with these versatile cloths. Made from ultra-soft, non-abrasive microfiber, AIDEA cloths are lint-free, super absorbent, and dries much faster than cotton. They quickly eliminate grease, grime, fingerprints, and food spills from countertops, appliances, stainless steel, cupboards, kitchen floors, and more with ease.

Measuring 12 inches square and safe for all hard surfaces, these microfiber cloths are machine washable and perfect for the kitchen, car, garage, windows...anywhere messes happen!

Comes in variety of colors in packs of 8.