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Mandala Diamond Painting Set (4 pack)

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You don't have to be a famous artist to create something beautiful. Using this Mandala Diamond Painting Set, you'll create amazing, shining works of art that will generate admirers and compliments for years to come!

A popular hobby for thousands of creative crafters, DIY diamond painting is simple to master. Using diamond-cut color rhinestone beads, you simply fill in the printed pattern on the waterproof canvas to create the finished images. Suitable for adults and children 3 and older, diamond painting creates hours of fun for the whole family...all while producing awesome decorations for your own home or gifts for others!

In the box:
* 4 painting canvases (25X25cm/9.8X9.8in each)
* Diamond-cut color rhinestone beads
* Glue
* Plastic tray
* Applicator pen