Silk Protein Natural Soap

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All natural Silk Protein Soap is made from the protein extracted from the Raw Silk Cocoon. Include raw silk bag. Highly moisturising and perfect for sensitive skin this locally made product is the perfect soap for face, hands and body. Organic silk proteins 49.85%, Glycerin 49.85% & fragrance 0.30%. Silk Protein Soap tied with a silk cocoon shell on a sample strip of our raw silk cloth. Multi-award winning Mulberries is a Fair Trade company that seek to creates employment for Lao people in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. The production of traditional silk is a labour intensive project which can involve many people in many different aspects of the community. From the growing of mulberry trees to the creation of natural dyes, hand-crafted silk production utilises local labour, local knowledge, and local resources. This, in turn, encourages village self-sufficiency and productivity. Suitable for all skin type even sensitive skin. Approximately 70g, colour and weight of each soap may vary slightly.