10 Silver Bars (10 oz. total)

Retail Price: $200.00
You Save: $200.00 (100%)

These ten, 1 ounce Silver Bars are minted from .999 fine silver.

Product Type: Bullion
Dimensions: 30 mm x 51 mm
Thickness: 3 mm
Material: (10) 1 oz .999 Silver

About silver: For thousands of years, silver has been used as a form of currency. Silver was the preferred unit of exchange in nearly every early culture worldwide. Today's paper money derives its purchasing power only through confidence in a nation's ability to maintain a "prudent fiscal policy." In turbulent times, such as those we are experiencing in the world today, diversifying your savings/investment strategy by adding silver may be a smart move. Indeed, many experts suggest that 10% to 15% of portfolio assets be in precious metals.

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IMPORTANT! The MSRP reflects the fluctuating market price for these silver products.

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