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Beard Oil - Curve Ball

Four Blessings Beard Oil is a must for any man with facial hair. It is a skin treatment, moisturizer, and softener all in one that helps support a healthy beard and maintain healthy skin and hair follicles. The Curve Ball Beard Oil (yes a total baseball reference) is the perfect blend of spice and sensitivity. Our Curve Ball blend has an exotic, tropical, and sexy aroma that is sure to be pleasing to anyone within smelling distance. Each ingredient in our Beard Oil, serves a different purpose: 1) Fractionated Coconut Oil - easily absorbed by hair strands and skin. This gives your beard the moisture in so desires. 2) Apricot Oil - a natural astringent that helps control under beard acne. 3) Jojoba Oil - a fast absorbing, non greasy oil, that hydrates skin and hair. Jojoba is great for those with sensitive skin as well. 4) Essential oils (ylang ylang, orange, and spearmint) - a perfect blend that is invigorating and sensual. It highlights a softer, gentler side without jeopardizing one's man card. If you are growing a beard, you owe it to yourself to use a beard oil for extra health, moisture, and manageability. Four Blessings Beard Oil is the perfect solution to your beard's needs. Beard on...Game on!