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Beard Oil - Grand Slam

Four Blessings Beard Oil is a must for any man with facial hair. It is a skin treatment, moisturizer, and softener all in one that helps support a healthy beard and maintain healthy skin and hair follicles. The Grand Slam Beard Oil (yes a total baseball reference) has a very manly scent. It has a very earthy smell with soft, subtle undertones of a manly lavender field. This is a perfect fit for any man who wants to condition his beard without losing any of its manliness. After all what is manlier than a baseball grand slam? Each ingredient in our Beard Oil, serves a different purpose: 1) Fractionated Coconut Oil - easily absorbed by hair strands and skin. This gives your beard the moisture in so desires. 2) Apricot Oil - a natural astringent that helps control under beard acne. 3) Jojoba Oil - a fast absorbing, non greasy oil, that hydrates skin and hair. Jojoba is great for those with sensitive skin as well. 4) Essential oils (vetiver, cedarwood, frankincense, and lavender) - a perfect combination of manly meets sensitive. It is a grounding and calming blend that accentuates the manliness in your beard. If you are growing a beard, you owe it to yourself to use a beard oil for extra health, moisture, and manageability. Four Blessings Beard Oil is the perfect solution to your beard's needs. Beard on...Game on!