My Personal Assistant

Your Own Personal Assistant Without Hiring ANYONE, Without Shelling Out Cash Continuously & Without Every Having To Worry About Quality Of Service! Is Support Eating Up Loads Of Your Time? If you spend more than 10 hours a week on support ore answering any kind of repetitive email from customers of any kind, you know how difficult it can be. 10 hours is actually quite conservative. Most of us (including me) have tons of support closer to the 40-60 hour a week range. This means that we spend so much time doing support, we don't have time to do anything else! Dear Friend, If you are spending more time on support than you do actually growing your business, you know how frustrating it can be. As we all know, support comes with all online businesses but we never know how much support we will really get until we start making a few sales. Once some business starts rolling in, that's when the support e-mails start pouring in and stacking up. It's vital to keep these answered in a professional and high quality way so that customer loyalty and trust is kept strong. But the bad news is that... You May Have Customers That Down Right Hate You! I know that may sound a little bit rough but the harsh reality is that it may very well be true and you just don't know it. Think about this... When you get up and you start checking your e-mail and see that you have a ton of e-mail from customers for support, one of two things usually happen... 1) You ignore the requests for days and they start piling up making your customers think "this joker doesn't care about me once he got my money". This piling up usually gets so overwhelming that you just don't do the support at all or (this leads into our next option)... 2) You start blazing through the e-mails at record speed and don't really give the attention to detail that you should to the customers which leaves people with unsolved problems, questions not answered and an overall feeling of a "lack of care". Once a customer gets any treatment like this, you better believe that they are going to tell as many people as they can. You've heard the adage "treat someone right and they'll tell two friends", well the same type of adage goes for NOT giving a customer proper service but it's much worse... "Treat a customer bad and they'll tell 10 or more friends who will then do the same". Customers remember bad service and people remember when their friends tell them of a website or company's bad service and remember it. Why This Support Nightmare Isn't Your Fault You see, when we get into business for ourselves and start getting customers coming in, we're ecstatic, we bend over backward to support the first few customers that come in and do everything we can. Doesn't that sound accurate? But then business keeps growing and eventually we get to a point where we just can't handle the load of support and e-mail requests that are coming in. Previously, I was spending 60+ hours a week doing support for my various products and services. This left no time for me to do anything in my business other than support and took me away from my friends and family. That's not why I started an online business! This isn't our fault but the fault of not foreseeing that support would eventually pass our ability to get it all done. Where The Secret Support Remedy Lies (No One Knows About This) The only option to remedy the support nightmare that we face as online business owners until now is to "hire an employee" and boy, none of us want to do this for many reasons... 1) Employees cost money and that takes money out of our pockets every month. 2) Employees need to be trained which takes time on top of you having to do support during the training period! 3) Employees usually never treat your customers they way that you would like them to be treated and leave out personal service in some cases. 4) If you lose an employee or worse; have to fire them because they can't do the job right, you have to find another employee, retrain them and go through the whole mess again. I'm sure that you'll agree that this is a huge mess and a vicious circle that you can never get out of because, let's face it, finding a "winner" in a worker and an hourly rate that makes you smile probably isn't going to happen. Great employees aren't cheap and cheap employees are never great. The good news is that you don't have to hire an employee due to something so special that I seriously considered not releasing it to the public... You'll Laugh At Your Competitors As Their Customers Come Running To Your Because Of Your Superior Service Which Takes You 99% LESS Time Than The Competition! All Without A SINGLE Employee! Cut Support Time By 99% INSTANTLY! Create Lifelong, Loyal Customers Who Buy Everything You Release! Start Spending Your Time How You Want To! Introducing... My Personal Assistant This software is the most incredible creation in the history of support e-mail. You simply install it, and go about your day and as you do, the software automatically starts eliminating support e-mail. I know, this all sounds a little "weird" or "hypey" but it's absolutely accurate. You just go about your day as normal' business as usual, only you make a few clicks here and there from time to time and the My Personal Assistant software starts learning your support system automatically! Does that sound great or what? Wouldn't You Like To Eliminate 99% Of The Time You Spend On Support? Is The My Personal Assistant Software Hard To Use? Let me tell you something... I created the My Personal Assistant software for myself and let me tell you, by no means am I a technology buff. I created it to eliminate support while also being extremely easy to use for maximum effect on my business. You aren't going to have any "learning curve" when it comes to using this awesome software because it's really THAT simple to use. You install which take all of a few seconds and that's it. It's loaded, ready to go and you can start eliminating support time once and for all. You'll wish that you had this thing right when you got started so that you never had to worry about the support e-mail nightmares that you have been facing. What's Loaded Into The My Personal Assistant Software? Here's just some of what you'll be getting... Super Fast, Easy Installation - The My Personal Assistant software isn't complicated. You install it on your computer which just takes a few quick seconds and you're ready to start cutting down your support time! No "Learning Curve" Use - The software is so easy to use that it literally has no learning curve. If you can type and click buttons (just like you do when you do support) you can use it like a professional. "Smart" Technology Learns Your Support E-mails - The second that you start using the My Personal Assistant software in your business, it starts learning your business like the mind of a new college student! Type It Once & Never Type It Again - Once in use, you will begin typing your responses as normal only this will be the LAST time you answer that support e-mail. You'll really have to get this puppy installed to see what I mean! Stable, Fast & Reliable - The My Personal Assistant software has been created with a high level of security, stability and reliability to make sure that it runs smoothly. You can also expect lightning fast response from the software unlike most other software. Sleek, Stylish & Clean Interface - As you'll see when you start using the software, it's sleek, easy to understand at a glance and very simple (and actually fun) to use. What Would You Pay To Eliminate 99% Of Your Support Time? Can you put a value on eliminating 99% of the time that you spend doing support in your business? How about a price on being able to do that WITHOUT having to hire an employee or anyone for that matter? Those are pretty powerful things to be getting access to, right? Considering a support person (even in a country overseas) is going to get at the very minimum several hundred dollars a month, the My Personal Assistant is worth hundreds of dollars minimum. But the good news is that you aren't going to spend thousands of dollars a year, you aren't even going to spend hundreds. In fact, if you act today, all you are going to spend for this time saving, customer loyalty increasing system is $37. And guess what else? That's one time. There are no additional fees. No maintenance costs that you have to pay and no monthly charges that you have to pay to continue using it. You grab your copy right now and it's yours for life! I suggest that you get on the ball and start eliminating your support right now!