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A-Z business Plan in a box training series.

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Welcome my name is Maree Wells. I am updating this sales package, as so much has changed since first offering it in my ECA Store in 2013. YOU may set it up as a Standing Order. Receiving all my News and Upgrades Monthly. Gain access to all my new Training Video's and Business Articles. I work full time surfing then promoting my ECA website. plus SFI gateway links. I originally joined in 2010. Due to the Christchurch Earthquakes my account become inactive. After I relocated I reactivated my account in June 2013. Have you joined program after program. Waiting for your sponsor to make contact. Overwhelmed and frustrated, did you give up before even getting started. Stress no more. Its all about picking one program and succeeding by only promoting SFI and your ECA website. WIn Win Situation. "My Mission is to Show You How To Transform Your Home Business Online. Generating a Client Base With Repeat Sales...." "I want to be 'the' Entrepreneurial HUB for people all over the world" I will supply you with a clear and concise presentation. A-Z training series in a Box. YOU will receive a link to register and receive 25 Training articles, over a month. So as not to overwhelm you. By the end of the series you should be a Guru with Online Marketing. I believe that Internet marketing is now much cheaper than classic marketing and advertising techniques. Companies that use TV ads and spend billions of dollars now spend much, much less on internet marketing. I am A Prime Example! Operating My Maree Designs Business for over 25 years. Sharing all my knowledge I have gained in operating a Successful Business Online. In This A-Z Series YOU will LEARN. 1.. How to participate with Bit Coin.. Setting up your wallet.. Full A-Z explaining Bit Coin. 2.. How to Set up a Domain.. Who I recommend is the best provider. 3. Newbies Training Guide. Team support is the key. HOW To Start building a mailing list of prospects. 4. Access to My Down line builder program.. With Trusting Advertising Portholes I have been using for years. 5. Training and marketing Video's to start your on line journey selling and buying. These Video's and Training Articles cannot be found anywhere else, because I have designed them and hold the copyright to them! Cheers Maree. SFI Gold Team Leader. Working with the only original program I recommend since 2013.