Nuclear Product Creation Secrets

Slow product creation got you down? Shift your focus and turn it into fast money making! "Fast Track Your Way To BIG PROFITS By Harnessing The Secrets Of 'Nuclear' Product Creation!" Dear Frustrated Marketer, You’re stuck? Hopelessly stuck? Too many months ago, you read that special report on creating your own products, and it looked so easy. So You started, filled with excitement and hope for your future prosperity.. At first you trucked along without a hitch. But almost immediately, small but annoying things began to happen… …You couldn’t find the right information... …You discovered how much you hate writing… (Well, okay. You love writing – but you don’t seem to know how to write a report that should have been simple - right now, it feels as if you can’t write a word, to save your own overworked, underwhelmed life!) Well maybe it's not that bad - but let's look at some of the problems you're probably facing... Maybe you can’t think what to say next that someone else hasn’t already said. And in your most gloomy moments (while you’re in the middle of playing computer games, instead of tackling Chapter Four) you realize you’ve got nothing new to contribute anyway. Why should people pay for your product, when what you’ve just written looks like it was edited by a chimpanzee? You face the sad truth: You’ve totally lost track of where you ought to be – and how to get there… So what happens to most marketers at this point? Your project turns into the dreaded 'unfininshed product'! So how is it that top marketers can churn out new money making products, apparently so easily? Do they have a legion of gnomes, chained to their basement table legs… Busy working night and day, pumping out product with ferocious concentration…? How can THEY do it and you can't? (the marketers not the gnomes) Here's the simple truth - it's because the big boys in the game KNOW things you don't and SEE things in a different way! They have stumbled upon some simple tips, tricks and tactics that have caused a product creation paradigm shift of nuclear proportions And the result has been success for them. But what if I could do the same for YOU - give you a new way of seeing product creation? One that could open your eyes and let you see what the pros see, every time they come up with a winning idea? I’d really love to share... The 2 most overwhelming reasons 80% of all product creation grinds to a worn-out halt The single most powerful reason top marketers seem to be able to create products so easily The single most tragic error that new product creators slip into making 4 rock solid benefits of creating your products more quickly The common and glaring bad habit that makes you broadcast "newbie", not “pro” 2 crucial reasons to stop ignoring short report creation – and how to make it finally work The secret hidden "treasure chest" almost every marketer has - and the unexpected riches it can provide 6 core benefits of creating your own products The secret principle Rodin the sculptor unwittingly shares with internet marketers You might ask what a sculptor has to do with internet marketing and product creation. The truth is, he makes use of one vital tool too many marketers rush to ignore. There are lessons everywhere in life – but fortunately, we don’t have to go too far from what you’ve already learned. It’s just a question of… Making What You Know Work For You Instead Of Against You You see, you really do have everything you need… …except for a few key pieces of your product creation jigsaw puzzle. A combination of secrets, tips and technological tidbits that miraculously pulls everything together. You may only need to learn about: The secret to breathing life into dead content and creating products that "flow" 4 places to find the experts you need to interview - and how to persuade them to do it for free The secret advantage that taking this one tiny extra step will bring your sales 5 essential steps for transforming PLR to gold 2 extra ways to use PLR - that don't involve putting a word to paper! 2 tips to make life easier while you're doing it! 6 tips to make you look like an interviewing pro - and how to avoid small disasters The single most important thing you need to have in place, before your first interview can be a smash success 2 types of questions that can make your day - or scuttle your ship; and how to use them wisely The single most fatal mistake even a top web radio host fell victim to - and the simple way to avoid it Two things you absolutely have to tell your guest - or risk the possibility of seriously offending The single most important secret to creating live "magic" - in any media Well, as you’ve no doubt guessed from these bullets, you’ll have the choice of working with more forms of product creation than simple, dreary writing. And even if you’re completely techno-challenged, I’ll gently burst that fear-balloon and safely set you back down to earth. The Secret Is In Simplicity The real reason product creation is so hard? Because we expect it to be. We look for ways to complicate it, deep at the back of our minds, even as we’re sincerely struggling towards success. (It’s rather like taking a 25 mile detour – on foot – when all you have to do is open that gate and walk through.) That’s the real tragedy of people who get stuck on content creation. The truth is, we’re all looking for a system – and sometimes, life’s just not that clean and simple. It’s in the horde of small, seemingly-assorted details that we sometimes find unexpected keys to success. Keys like: Hidden "glitches" in popular product creation methods - and how to avoid them. 3 simple precautions to prevent major disaster striking in the middle of your success The one simple task you have to do, in order to make sure registrants attend your virtual event (hint: it's one that too many people forget) 3 powerful teleseminar benefits you'll experience almost immediately - and 2 unexpected connections they'll allow you to make 2 ridiculously simple keys to defusing real stage fright and making sure your virtual event is a smash success! The single hidden reason it's harder to attract teleseminar expert guests than audio interview ones When to choose a teleseminar, and why it's a special advantage in this particular case The tiny step from pre-recorded audio to teleseminar creation - and how to make the transition so easy, it doesn't even warrant a chapter 6 teleseminar tips that will make your show run like it was done by a seasoned pro The single most important thing not to forget, once you start The single most vital action you must not take - even though logic tells you it's needed The silly secret for getting over an aversion to seeing yourself on video (no, it doesn't involve plastic surgery, or yodeling while drinking water) Equipment you need– and how to keep it really simple You see, balance is the key, in successful product creation. And that involves knowing your personal “big picture”, while deciding what details to use – and which to ignore. The only way to defeat the product creation bogeyman is to see him at his real size. And simple knowledge – with tips for instantly acting on it – is the fastest way to remove that mask! The Diagram That Will Put It All Into Perspective No, this isn’t some amazing chart you can use… or a secret treasure map (though it easily could be.) It’s just a simple graphic illustrating the blinding revelation that helped me finally put product creation firmly in place, once and for all. And I’m only too happy to share my simple (but solid and concrete) methods and tools with you.