How to Reduce Stress at Work and at Home!

The alarm blasts you awake at 5:00 a.m. You swing your legs over the side of the bed, raise your body and it hits. . .headache. Scolding yourself for having that last tempting beer at the BBQ the day before, you drag off to the shower. As soon as the sharp, penetrating needles of hot water hit your fragile skin, the adrenaline begins to kick in. Thoughts of the Sunday BBQ fade as you begin to mentally check off everything waiting on your desk this Monday morning. Sitting on the edge of the bed, you pull on the first sock and your toe proceeds to protrude through the end of it. Cursing under your breath, you find another pair only to find it has a whole through the other one! What the heck, you mismatch them. . .no one will every notice, right? Flying down the stairs, with the agility of a gazelle, you manage to avoid the oatmeal covered fingers of your son as you traverse past his highchair on the way to the coffee pot. As you are pouring your first cup of the day, in waltzes your teenage daughter, looking like something out of the “Bride of Frankenstein” right down to the black finger nail polish. You cast a sideways glance to your wife and she shrugs her shoulders as if you say, “What can I do?” No time to deal with it now as you rush out the door to join the rest of the stampede of cavemen off to do battle with the dinosaur of the day. The freeway is in gridlock. . .so what else is new? By the time you reach your hunting grounds instead of feeling like beating your chest and hollering like Tarzan, you just want to crawl into your own den and take a nap. You secretary is blabbing a litany of “must do’s and don’ts” including a command performance for the boss. The water cooler gang invites you to join the current world debate but you persevere, rushing into your own little office and slamming the door shut behind you. Aaaaah. Peace and quiet. Suddenly it hits you. You feel as though a ten ton weight has just fallen on your chest. You feel as though you are drowning as you labor to grab a breath. You begin to notice a gnawing pain shooting up and down your left arm. You struggle to reach the intercom and buzz your secretary when everything becomes darker and darker until. .? Did you know that statistically there are more heart attacks on Monday mornings than at any other time in the United States? It’s true. Traffic, debts, work. They all contribute to STRESS! Stress related heart attacks and strokes contribute to more heart attacks in the US than any other disease. The good news is that you CAN do something about it. How to Reduce Stress at Work and at Home will discuss methods to learn how to prevent and cope with stress in your daily life. Learn exactly what stress is and how to fight it. Did you know that you can actually go through different stages of stress before you even realize it is affecting your life? Discover the source of stress and uncover the factors in your daily life that contribute to it. Explore in depth, what the warning signs and symptoms of stress are like and how you trigger them. Isn’t it about time to take control of this issue before it becomes life or death? Take a look at what you will learn: 1 What is stress? 2 How you can control it. 3 How to use self hypnosis to reduce stress. 4 Other stress reducers. 5 Take a stress test and see how “at risk” you might be. 6 Confidence and self-esteem Are we saying that you will never be at risk for heart attacks or stroke? Of course not, that would be ridiculous. What we ARE saying is that you can take control today and substantially reduce the risks. Go ahead, grab a copy of How to Reduce Stress at Work and at Home today. Your family will thank you.