24 Hour Helpdesk Guru

Eliminate The Single Biggest Drain On Your Time, Increase Your Productivity Instantly, And Have Your Customers Thank You Into The Bargain! Set Up Your Own Pro Helpdesk Using Top Quality Free Software. If you sell anything online you'll know that the single biggest drain on your time is answering customer support emails. Lost download links, non delivery of physical items, technical questions, general queries and a hundred other customer emails that drop into your inbox every week. And actually answering these emails isn't straightforward either. Here's how a 'typical' customer email sequence can go: John: Hi - I've lost my download link, can you send it to me again? You: No problem, please send me your Paypal receipt number and I'll get it over immediately. Then nothing happens for 6 days. In the meantime you've answered another 79 emails. When John eventually gets back in touch you get this email: John: 'It's PP9897HGHY6562SD' By this time now have no idea what the email is about or who sent it. You have to ask what the email is about, and you end up with an angry customer. Emails get lost, diverted to spam folders, don't arrive because the customer types in the wrong address or simply don't reach you at all for a dozen or more reasons. Which is why, if you're serious about your internet business you need to install a pro helpdesk. It would be worth installing your own helpdesk just to stop customers blaming you when their emails don't get through, but that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to solving your support issues once and for all! You'll already know from answering customer support emails that you get asked the same questions day in day out. And they're usually questions that are already answered in the documentation on your sales page or the product itself, but the customer just can't be bothered to read it. And while it's easy to have a cut and paste file with the answer ready to insert into an email, it still takes you 10 minutes to find it, cut and paste it and send it to the customer. If you do this twelve times in a day FOR JUST ONE QUERY you've already lost two hours! But imagine if you had a ready to go FAQ section that customers could access and find the answers themselves without having to tear you away from those tasks that generate money for your business. How much easier would that be? This 'knowledgebase' is just part of the free pro helpdesk software that we're recommending. We'll show you where to get it (for free) and how to install it, in our remarkable step by step guide. Not only that, but once you've pasted your most frequently asked questions into your new helpdesk for your customers, you can make it totally searchable too, so your customers simply won't need to bother you In fact the whole of this excellent software is built to make YOUR life easier when it comes to dealing with customer support. Want to know more? Introducing: 24 Hour Helpdesk Guru With 24 Hour Helpdesk Guru you can have your own fully functioning, top quality helpdesk software. And what's more we'll show you where to get it (for free) and more importantly, how anyone can install it quickly and simply by following our fully screenshotted step by step instructions. Installing your own helpdesk doesn't come any quicker, easier or CHEAPER than this. And if you're just starting out I think you'll agree that ALL the above are important! In fact let's talk expense for a few seconds... If you were to buy helpdesk software of the caliber of the software we're recommending, you would almost certainly pay in excess of a few hundred dollars for it. Then you'd have to struggle through often poor documentation to try to set it up. If you're a 'non-techy' that could be a nightmare! And depending on the license you might only be able to install it on one or two of your servers. Here's what is included with the software we recommend: * Create multiple users and multiple departments * Create different levels of user (user, administration etc) * Add attachments to tickets * Various filters (priority, departments, open tickets, awaiting response etc) * Fully searchable ticket database * Create your own FAQ section * Add notes to tickets that are only seen by other helpdesk staff * Assign levels of access for helpdesk staff * Auto-added signatures for all helpdesk staff * Blocks spam - 'captcha' and questions determine whether the customer is a 'real' human or spambot * Customers can rate replies and knowledgebase items * 'Autoclose' tickets after a set duration * Software automatically compensates for different time zones * Outstanding reporting facilities - instantly see how many tickets are waiting for your reply etc Installing a helpdesk for your customers should be one of the first things you do for your online business. It's easy to spend literally hours every day answering mundane, repetitive emails from your customers. Not only is this mind numbing and time sapping, but it takes you away from what your REAL purpose is - the tasks that bring money into your business. And let's not forget one of the BEST things about having helpdesk software... You can outsource the whole thing, easily, cheaply and simply. And by doing that you effectively remove a huge weight from your own shoulders, allowing you to be an entrepreneur again, rather than an admin assistant! Installing your own helpdesk can be one of the most financially astute decisions you ever take with your online business, and you'll probably see the results from your increased profitability very very quickly. Don't leave it too late! If you're getting more than one or two customer emails a day you need to install a helpdesk right now. And the software we recommend is fully scaleable and will grow as your business grows. With the '24HourHelpDeskGuru' report we'll show you exactly where to get what we think is the best helpdesk software around, for free. We'll also show you how to install it, step by step and with full screenshots. Look around at all the successful online business people you know. Every single one that I can think of set up their own helpdesk in the early days because they recognized the POWER of separating the creative part of their business from the administrative part. It means more efficiency and more creative time for you, and better customer service for your buyers. If they know they can get in touch with you and receive a quick, fast reply they're a hundred times more likely to buy from you again. You know it makes sense - get your copy of 24 Hour Helpdesk Guru now.