First Published in 1704 Language: English Wordcount: 19,504 / 67 pg The two Dragons, Page 1 The Wolf and Dog, 2 The Frog, 4 The Pumkin And Acorn, 5 The Hands, and Feet, and Belly, 7 The Countryman and the Knight, 10 The Plague among the Beasts, 14 The Grashopper and Ant, 17 The Milk Woman, 18 The Cock, the Cat, and the young Mouse,20 The Cock and Pearl, 22 The Lyon's Court, 23 The Drunkard and his Wife, 24 The Carp, 25 The Nightingale and Owl, 27 Council held by the Rats, 34 The Bat and the two Weasels, 36 The two Bitches, 37 The Sick Lyon and the Fox, 38 The Satyr and the Passenger, 40 The Lyon in Love, 41 The Angler and the little Carp, 43 The Wolves and the Sheep, 44 The Wasps and the Bees, 46 The Lyon and Knat, 48 The Woodcleaver and Mercury, 50 The Hare and his Ears, 52 The Rat and the Frog, 53 The Cat and old Rat, 56 The Weasel and the Rat, 59 The Wolf and the Stork, 60 The Frogs asking for a King, 62 The Wolf and Lamb, 64 The Lyon grown old, 65 The two Physicians, 66 Love and Folly, 67 A She-Goat, a Sheep, and a Sow, 69 The Dog and Ass, 71 THE PREFACE to the READER. Prefaces and Cuts are commonly made use of much to the same Purpose; to set off, and to explain. The latter, being too expensive, are pretty well out of date, in an Age, where there are abundance of fine things to be bought besides Books. But the first by wicked Custom, are become so necessary, that a Volume would look as defective without one, as if it wanted the very Title Page. Though it is hard I should be compelled to talk to my Reader, whether I have any thing to say to him or not. Nay, what is worse, every Body thinks a Man should be more lavish here of his Skill and Learning, than anywhere else: Here they would have him shew his Airs, and therefore most Authors adorn their Prefaces, as if they were triumphal Arches; there's nothing empty to be seen about 'em, and from top to bottom they are to be crowded with Emblems and pretty Sayings, judiciously interwoven with Scraps of_ Latin; _though they should borrow 'em from the Parson of the Parish. These, I say, are the Entertainments where they love to glut us with Wit and fine Language; though they starve us for ever after: Which makes some of 'em look like a rich piece of Fillegrew Work over the Door of an empty Parlour. But I am resolved my Portico shall suit with the rest of the House, and, as every thing is plain within, nothing shall be carv'd or gilt without: Besides, I hate formality, Good Reader, and all my Business with you is to let you know, that I have writ some Fables in Verse, after the Familiar Way of a Great Man in_ France, Monsieur de la Fontaine. _I have confin'd my self to strict Numbers, and endeavour'd to make 'em free and natural; if they prove otherwise, I'm sorry for it. Two of the Fables are of my own Invention; but I am so far from loving 'em the better, that I think they are the worst in the Pack: And therefore in good Manners to my self I conceal their Names. Find 'em out, and welcome. I could wish to have furnish'd you with something more worthy your precious time: But as you'll find nothing very Instructive, so there's little to puzzle your Brain. Besides, I desire every Body to read 'em at the same Hours I writ 'em, that's when I had nothing else to do. If any like these Trifles, perhaps I may go on; if not, you shall be troubled with no more of 'em: And so fare ye well, Reader. This product is a Book on CD in a Microsoft compatible format, it is not a DVD, it is not an audio CD or Audiobook, and most Books on CD have no illustrations. You must use a Microsoft Word compatible reader. It is produced in a Microsoft Compatible Format for reading, printing, copying, searching key words, terms or passages or for research. Some items sold by The Again Shop can be found less expensive or free with some INTERNET downloads. The small cost charged by The Again Shop is for the media and time provided. The Again Shop produces Books on CD from out of copyright books, speeches and essays. Disks are in a paper sleeve and do not have disk labeling to keep cost down and make our Books on CDs affordable. All disks are checked for quality and accuracy.
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